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ImageUtils Issue: TiffToPDF

Name: TiffToPDF
ID: 2
Project: ImageUtils
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: High
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Mike Benner
Created: 05/29/08 4:22 PM
Updated: 01/13/11 12:47 PM
Description: When using TiffToPDF with the included tiffs I get blank PDFs and when trying to using my own I get mixed results.

I am using CF8 Dev Edition on Mac OSX 10.5.
History: Created by refriedchicken (Mike Benner) : 05/29/08 4:22 PM

Comment by VVraith (Daniel Budde II) : 06/26/08 9:43 AM
You can lookup my contact information within the cfc and I can try to assist, but I do not have access to CF8 on OSX. All I can say is, it should work on OSX, since it is just using the standard java libraries. If you could get another OSX CF developer to verify your results, then we might know that it is for sure a problem on OSX.

Comment by AmadorCF (Mark Holm) : 06/27/08 2:27 PM
I am having the same issue on a winxp box (apache with cf8) it creates blank pdfs from the .tif files

Comment by VVraith (Daniel Budde II) : 09/12/08 11:45 AM
You will hopefully be glad to know that I was able to finally recreate this issue. I will work on the problem as soon as I can and hopefully have a fix out for the next release.

Comment by VVraith (Daniel Budde II) : 01/13/11 12:47 PM
I apologize for having put this off for so long. I sent an update to Ben today that will fix this issue. As long as no one reports back with a bug after Ben uploads the update, we can mark this issue as closed.

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